Deadside beta – The Roadmap of progress.

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A lot.. and i mean a lot of users are asking around on the discord channel of deadside about the roadmap. Where is it, how to find it? Well, it is listed on their discord, but I’m willing to place this content here as well and typing it a bit more out for more clarification. Especially for those willing to know what’s coming on deadside. While we have some ongoing issues in the game already, do these small minor issues high likely be fixed in the next couple of days or after the next upcoming update.

Please also keep in mind that we are NOT developers of the game, we are independent and have nothing to do with the deadside community itself.

NOTE: For actual updates of this roadmap, please check their discord channel.  


Since the release of the game, we’ve received a lot of feedback and suggestions. Now that the most crucial problems (like anti-cheat) have been fixed, we are ready to share with you our plans for the near future. So here is what awaits you in the upcoming updates. Keep in mind, sometimes something will take a bit longer than usual.

1. More bug fixing and optimization

With the bugfixes for the duplication bug, where people were able to obtain lots and lots of items and content for free by doing a few glitches. All these should be fixed by now, but mostly more bugs have to be fixed. For example the invisible colliders at the big flat apartment, a floating road, you know.. the minor issues that always could end up in a laugh.

2. New firearms and equipment models.

There are a few new guns being added, but presuming that more firearms will be added over the months. It’s normal to have only a limited amount of weapons and gear, but that will all change once they hit their 1.0.0 update. I can feel it, there is more. However, check out what they already have added during the last update!

3. New visual content

The developers of deadside are working on underground bunkers, new settlements of small villages and huge thick forest to get lost in. Besides that, they also going to tweak the villages that are already placed. Think of a few extra houses, a new wooden shed, or something else. Who knows. Everything is possible. Recently during their last update, they have added tanks on the roads, broken train wagons, and even a derailed one.

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4. Game events

The devs are working on airdrops and helicopter crashes. These airdrops will be looking similar as a cargo container, providing extra loot for those willing to hunt for it. With the possibilities of incoming AI or hostiles.

5. Base interaction

When it comes on base building, there are a few new tweaks done and a new tool has been added. The keypad. Use this with the door and you have a thick code lock on it. Set a pin and give it to your friends that are allowed to enter your crib.

6. Private server administration

As for now, admins cannot do much more than banning, kicking, spawning in items, teleporting.. the administration however has a lot more incoming but still has yet to come. The developers are interested on what you would like to see coming into this awesome toolbox when pressing F10.


The long roadmap

As for the long-term objectives, there are 2 points to be talking about. These points are long term and will take some time before they would be added in the game.

1. Vehicles

In the current version size of the world isn’t that big and doesn’t imply the use of a vehicle, but we’re planning on adding it at the same time with significant map expansion. We can’t say exactly when it is going to happen, but we’ll start with developing vehicle mechanics because it requires a lot of work and extensive testing.

2. Base raids

We understand that not everyone likes the “classic” system of raiding bases when you can be robbed while not being in-game. That’s why we’re not even considering such a passive gameplay

So far, the developers of deadside have few concepts including the key system we discussed on one of our streams. Regardless of the system chosen we will do our best to make it unique and interesting, so in the end, it wouldn’t be “who have more explosives or lockpicks” gameplay.



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