Deadside beta – Tips to be aware of

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Having some issues with loading into the game? Are you have troubles with aiming or would you have a major setback time to time as you keep getting killed over and over again? Well, lucky here its the gamingHQ team with some wicked tips and tricks to keep yourself alive ingame.

Keep informed that this game is a beta game and that there are always hiccups during beta game sessions. We are trying to reduce it for you with these few quick guidelines. For those willing to join the community, we have an awesome discord section that you can join! Don’t forget to subscribe and to stay updated from time to time when we have new content for you!


Kill skype – ( windows 10 skype version 2020 )

Recently updated by windows without you knowing, the skype 2020. Recently, it comes to my attention that skype now randomly starts up with every single boot, even if you force it not to do it. To kill the process, All you have to do is open up Task Manager by right-clicking on the Taskbar or using the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC shortcut key, clicking “More Details,” switching to the Startup tab, and then using the Disable button. From there, you see a small list of something like this.

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Reinstall the game on an SSD

What’s better to play a neat game than a fast game? Yes, it’s a great green light when it comes to installing games on an SSD. Even deadside would be loading a lot faster, providing faster, decent, and better gameplay. An SSD has a lot faster reading and writing capabilities and proves to be way better when it comes to thick awesome games like deadside.

Exclude discord overlay

Exclude discord overlay might increase a bit but is mostly not needed. For some low-end desktops, it’s advised NOT to run discord with games as discord drains 10% more then Teamspeak. Some people say that skype is an option as well, but skype itself already drinks a thick 40% away as it also contains online connected elements.

Update your drivers, gaming card and such

With the use of driver booster, you will be able to find any outdated hardware and update it with its latest release. Driver booster is well known for its large database of top-notch hardware installations and updates. Some people say driver booster could make your desktop a bit messy afterward, but that’s because it’s fetching the most recent updates for your desktop. If something of an update would conflict with something else, it could end up ugly. Keep in mind that, once you use driver booster, that this will be on your own risk and should be avoided unless you know what you are doing.



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