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Recently, a few days ago they showed us some more nifty content based on what’s about to come in the game during their road map session. One of these mentions is based on underground bunkers or underground facilities where players will meet other players and AI. Just for the nifty loot that can be found inside of it.

Today, we will be talking a bit about this underground facility however please keep in mind that this is not the real deal on what could be coming into the game of deadside.  These are ideas that are coming from us, the players, and fans of the deadside game.

As we have seen in many other games, underground facilities are the place to be, presuming that in the deadside this would be the same. How would we be able to enter it? Would it be just free access for everyone or would there be a need for a keycard like in rust? Or would it be a code that could spawn rarely on AI? everything is possible in this matter.

The entrance

The entrance of the facility should be protected in my opinion. I mean, something as suggested earlier, a code that can only be found by killing AI or doing a mission. Who knows codes could be hidden on the map and it has to be figured out first before you would even obtain the code. Doing something for the work would be perfect, especially if the codes would be randomly generated.

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Camera security that you have to shoot in order to not to get spotted, a lazer trip to set of an alarm, or who knows once the alarm goes off, extra support would be lading from the sky as they would paraglide back down.

The loot

We would presume that the loot would be high and good. Cash is something that we really need if you want to buy something decent for yourself or for your friends. Weapons do cost a lot and you can lose it all as fast as you can earn it.

The AI

Presuming that there would be some AI down there to be gunned down, would we think that the location would be pretty populated. Tier 2 gear, who knows those AI would be tier 3 or tier 4 geared AI. I won’t mind it, it is already a great adventure and not to get shot by a Mosin guy as the AI can easily one tap you if you don’t watch out. We surely will recommend that going in alone is crazy work.

What would you think? Talk about it on our discord. Join the chat today with friends and clan members and be a part of a perfect online gaming community.


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