Deadside – Hotfix M4 – Smoke & FPS issues

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Great news fellas! Today, a hotfix was released depending on the weapon M4. As there was an ongoing issue depending on the effects of the weapon being fired, causing FPS drops and POV was being messed up. But, besides this, several other small fixes were included as well in order to make the game playable and more enjoyable.

We have done some small tweaks as well. We have changed our MOTD, added a link to our website and we updated our main page with new content for you to discover. Keep in mind that, this night we will be updating the locations of the small loot crates that you may find during your exploring.

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Do keep in mind that these crates are not always there and that there might be no crate on that location at all. They change from location time to time, giving it a wicked small hunt for those willing for that extra loot stash. Make sure you keep an eye on those green chests. They could be life-saving!

Like to know more of deadside? keep an eye out on the website or join our discord and stay updated on the latest news and highlights!



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