Deadside Loot map – Updated

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Today, we have updated our Deadside map where all loot crates could spawn. This time, thanks to the small PvP mini-event of last night we did, I managed to add another 5 to the map. Besides this event, we already found over an extra 9 potential crate spawns! Hell yes!

We have added them on our deadside map which can be found on our discord and on our website. Check it out today and stay updated on our map. It really can come in handy when it comes to pure survival gameplay and tactics for the best way to get the needed loot you are been looking for.

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For those not knowing what Deadside is, Deadside is a hardcore multiplayer shooter with a large open world and wide gameplay possibilities. Deadside gets you into a realistic game environment full of hopelessness and despair. It tries to keep a balance between the dynamics of the shooter and the hardcore ness of “survival” gameplay.

The world of the game does not imply the existence of fantastic elements like zombies or anomalies, concentrating the player’s attention on realistic aspects of life on the ruins of the dead civilization.



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