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As the game deadside is out now for a few weeks, players are starting to wonder why there isn’t a helicopter crash site yet, no airdrops, and one of the most questions so far I have seen passing by was the question when the map would be fully released. All these questions are being answered, but I’m here to explain them wider and going into its source to explain what’s going on. Keep in mind, we are not the devs of deadside. We just love the game so much that we love to share a FAQ based on the game.

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Q: Why can the server owner spawn in items and assigned admins not?
A: As of for now, Server owners are only able to spawn in items as there is no log to trace back who spawned in what.

Q: Can a Server owner spawn in AI?
A: No, for now, it’s not possible to spawn in AI. If this is being added in the future, we don’t know but presuming it will.

Q: Why can’t my team member open my door if I’m offline?
A: The entity that’s been placed is registered to you. Not to your teammates in the group or party. This will change in the future as a clan system will be implanted.

Q: Why does there be a lot of AI’s walking on the roads?
A: This is a patrolling AI. Searching and shoots anything that moves. Keep a distance if you won’t have the guns for it.

Q: When is there a next update?
A: We just had an update, not sure when the next will be.

Q: When will there be new weapons added?
A: Unknown at the moment. But, when there an update hits with the guns that will be added, we will let you know about it!

Q: Why is it so hard to find land to claim?
A: Sometimes, you have to put your sign a bit lower in order to claim a piece of land.

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Q: Why do I need a load of nails and logs to build a base?
A: It’s otherwise really easy to build up your base. To slow down the progression of a huge amount of large bases, they intended to have it like this. ( in my eyesight, it’s not confirmed )

Q: Can you raid other bases?
A: No, there is no raiding system implanted yet, but it won’t going to be a rust ish raiding system. Meaning, it is not going to be who the most c4 would have or the most rockets.

Q: Can players loot my body when I’m offline?
A: no, when you are offline, your character will as well. Keep in mind to wait those 30 seconds to leave the server first instead of just shutting down. Otherwise, your character might die as its standing idle in-game. Always log out on a location you know for sure its safe to logout.

Q: Can you carry more weapons?
A: Yes, the stalker backpack of 150k worth of cash in the store can carry 2 extra medium weapons. ( all weapons except the rifles )

Q: Why can’t I carry a handgun in my hands?
A: remove the knife from your secondary. The secondary weapon slot is for handguns and knives.

Q: Will there be a PvE button as well for the server owners to choose to null attack on players?
A: I presume it will. There is more attention for the PvE side of the game then the PvP side at this moment.

Q: Why does my mouse misalign all the time with the items?
A: It’s an ongoing bug. Easy solvable by changing your graphics to low and back for now.

Q: Can i host this game on a dedicated server?
A: no, for now, it’s only possible to host a shared server at G-portal.


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