Deadside – Open beta 0.1.8

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REEEEEEE all aboard the hype train! Attention, during this wicked slick ride, you will knowledge a sick amount of fixes when it comes to the open test server for deadside 0.1.8!

The developers of bad pixel have made several changes to the mechanics of registering hits as you have all been talking about the past few days, so it’s released on the open beta server. Besides this, there is also

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  • Several Automatic weapons fix.
  • Increased the damage radius of grenades.
  • Increased damage and range of the grenade launcher.

For all the online gamers that are able to join online ingame are able to proceed towards the server with a neat starters kit. This kit contains all kinds of nifty goodies to get into the battlefield quickly like Rambo on steroids.

NOTE! It is crucial for you to go into PVP battles with other players on the server as this fix is related for the hitreg issues! Please, do as much as testing possible to help and support the game community of deadside!

Test and leave feedback on their steam forums!


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