Deadside Patch – 0.1.8

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It is coming boys. As everything is going as planned, it should be coming online today! Check out the patch notes here. Once the update has hit the table, we will be performing a wipe in order to give everyone a fair chance and the ability to build on a new location. We want to thank everyone for joining our deadside servers. Please keep in mind that we are a community server, not a random PVP server where you have the option to go nuts and shoot everyone on sight. We roleplay it. Meaning that PvP actions might be happening. Always keep an eye out on the road for hostiles.

Players that are on our server randomly shooting people because “its fun” will be removed from the server and banned.

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Thank you for playing on our Community servers!

The deadside Patchnotes – 0.1.8

  • A new system for client-server interaction while shooting/receiving damage by the character which should significantly improve the situation with hit registration


  • AirDrop – an airdrop of a valuable cargo at a point marked on the map so that you will have the opportunity to get there first, ambush someone, or be ambushed yourself.

New firearms and equipment

  • Anti-material sniper rifle – Barrett M99
  • Light machine gun – RPK
  • Light machine gun – HK MG36
  • Tactical assault vest with armor plates
  • Tactical helmet


  • Added option to scope by pressing or holding RMB.
  • Option “hold” is on by default like It was before.
  • Added an ability to craft multiple items at once.
  • If you have more resources than needed for one item the dialogue will appear with an ability to choose the number of it.
  • Interaction with objects: moving shift-click/double-click.
  • Added an option to disable HUD (Settings -> Controls -> Interface. The first press will close quick slots and second other HUD elements)

More server settings

  • PvE mode. Players can’t damage each other and differed from bots with a special mark
  • Starting kit – the starting items for every respawning player
  • Added an option to set the bases lifetime
  • Added an option to forbid the ability to login for players with VAC ban
  • Added an option to set the number of players in a squad (max 10)
  • Added an option to set the radius of the red zone which prohibits respawning near a dead body
  • Added an option to set time of the day Added a welcoming message (MOTD) in a window when you enter the server
  • Fixed problem with logs saving on the servers with a long title

Multiple balance and gameplay fixes

  • Added restrictions for spawning close to your corpse It works for both random and respawning at a certain point.
  • You can see the radius for these restrictions on the map marked with the red circle Increased grenades damage and blast radius Reduced the flying speed for grenades
  • Every grenade now stacks by 1 (You need to put them by one in your inventory and storage so you wouldn’t lose them after the update release!)
  • Top-tier weapons and equipment are no longer sold by traders. You can get them only on the missions or find at the airdrop places.
  • OTs-14 Groza now has the sight rail which you can use to mount different scopes

Other fixes

  • Fixed: Corpse mark disappears after the first interaction with it
  • Fixed: head falling through objects (now for sure)
  • Fixed: Chat will show the information from which distance the player was killed
  • Fixed: an error when the items from device slots were ignored while searching craft components
  • Fixed: Removed an ability to reload a gun while colliding with obstacles
  • Fixed: When you throw something on the ground the area for it will be highlighted
  • Fixed: occasional crashes at certain map points
  • AI Changes: fixed players being unable to complete missions because of bots running too far from the center of it


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