Deadside PvP event – The Bounty hunt

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It is early morning, the sun is rising and the clouds are looking good for today. You hear the wind slowly going over your roof and through your walls, hearing the birds singing of a wonderful morning that’s coming ahead. You wake up, getting geared up and you start your daily routine trough the deep forest. While you are walking the deep forest with your S85, you hear a scream. A player just got brutally robbed and murdered, the thief runs away and while you check your surroundings, you started to run after him.

While you run after him, you completely forgot you had to bring ammo with you, as you want to take down that robber that robbed and murdered that innocent player. While you ran back to your home to grab the needed items, you realized that it was stupid to go back while you also could find his hideout. As you run back, the thief was gone but after checking the victim, it was nowhere to find. Where did the body go and where was that thief? That’s upon for you to find out!

Good afternoon everyone. Today, we want to introduce you to our upcoming event for our deadside server, This shall be played on our PvP server The R.O.D.E Arena and will be called “The bounty hunter”.

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The objective is simple, every 15 min, a screen will be posted on our discord channel inside the deadside chat. These screenshots indicate where the thief has been sighted by the last remaining citizens. The objective is to create a path and eventually, you would be able to crack the code and find the thief its hideout. If you think that’s the thief its hideout, make a screenshot of it and send it to Noize!

If your screen is correct and it is the thief its hideout, you will be granted the Pincode to access the base and obtain the loot from it.

This event will start at 10/7/2020 on 20:00 GTM+1 Amsterdam and will persist until the hideout has been found.


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