Deadside server R.O.D.E Arena full – new record!

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Good morning everyone Noize here with today’s information of our PvP server in collab with the R.O.D.E foundation. Today, we want to let you know that we had 20 active ingame users playing on the PvP server! A new record.

We want to say thank you to those that joined and for those joined the PvP server of Deadside. Together with the R.O.D.E Foundation, we will be providing awesome game servers without the toxic in between. We are happy that we are getting one step closer yet again with new players who are enjoying the game without the toxic in between. We didn’t even have to go online while it was full. No complaints, no issues nothing. That’s how a community server is.

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If the game server is getting full more often, instead of raising the number of player slots, we will be adding a new Deadside server. this to prevent lagfests that are a known issue at this moment due to the lacking net code that’s being improved every single day. Deadside is a beta game, and mistakes can always happen.



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