Deadside Starter kit – Safehold

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Today, we have updated our starters kit for the players who died and respawned. As normally, you would end up with just a knife and some shitty clothing. Well, we changed that to nice jeans set that provides you with a few slots in order to start looting, a neat weapon, and some slick ammo for it.

Keep in mind, this weapon is not a biggie and a hand weapon might be more effective then you think of. Besides this, we have done the following on our Deadside server to make it more fun and playable for everyone. If you haven’t joined our discord yet, join today! Together with other players is playing along with more fun than being a lone wolf player.

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  • We have set the Respawn red circle to 500M
  • Loot spawn is set to 15
  • Max team players = 3
  • Base decay = 7 days inactive
  • 3rd person and 1st person gameplay possible
  • Listed as a PvE Roleplay server, even new gamers are welcome to join.

Please keep in mind that this is only part 1 of the 2 that would be coming to the game. We would had the full update, but due to some minor setbacks, other things had to be fixed first in order to make the new content work. We will see what will be coming in the next patch of Deadside.


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