Deadside – The hidden crates

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When it comes to the hidden crates that you might see spawned from time to time, they can contain a slick amount of food and drink that you need to survive. But, what if you would be in a city without even knowing that there would be crates to be found? Today, we will be updating our guide section with several new locations for you to remind. Have you found a few and would like to share them with us? let us know on Discord or by emailing us towards our mail address!

This page will show you where they will be located. Keep in mind, we will be updating the page tonight with the latest locations. We might need to remove a few locations as we haven’t seen them spawning on those locations anymore. But, we will keep them for now and tag them with a * on the end of the crate its location.

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Last week, we have been working day in day out to get the most locations ready on paper. While we don’t share the exact location, it would still be a small search. But, you will now know where crates could spawn from time to time. Giving it an easy farm round for you for that extra Quik cash.

Tip: Keep in mind, sometimes they don’t spawn as someone else would be walking nearby or because there is no AI walking on that road at the moment.


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