Deadside – The well known Hitreg issue

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The wonderful deadside recently updated their game with several new awesome guns, but people keep complaining about HitReg. What is HitReg and why do several users keep crying about this? Well, today we are going to explain this to you. For those that are not in our discord channel yet, join today and tag along with others in deadside!

You properly already had it once or twice, you could have sworn you did actually headshot that guy in Deadside, it may be that you have in fact not gone crazy, as the devs of Bad pixel have confirmed the game currently has some minor problems with hit registration.

Some players are reporting that clear shots are not being registered at all while some say that hit reg is completely random. Even for me, I blasted a full mag of an AK-SU into the stomach of an AI and he didn’t die, but it doesn’t mean that the game is trash or anything related to it.

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Sadly, some players don’t know what to ask for more than having issues with themselves about hitreg, they just screaming it out, in the hope that others would tag along to start a rage raid on discord. Crying about updates won’t work, as the devs are hard-working on it since the first day it got noticed. This includes the same for the NetCode, its not something that can be changed or fixed within a day.

These issues take time, extensive testing, and even then it might not work as it should be working. It could be days, weeks, months. Just give it time. Eventually, it will be released.



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