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Today, we are going to talk about the next upcoming updates for the online game Deadside. Are you hyped about the game and want to know more about it, then you are here at the right place! For those playing on our deadside server, we hope you are enjoying it! Prepare for an incoming update begin next week containing some nifty new updates and patches. Keep in mind, always read our posts about games with a slight tip of salt from your battle knife, most information is found back on deadside its social and discord channel while other updates may be just speculations or a celebration too early.

New toys for the big boiiis – weapons

First of all, the devs have shown us 2 awesome new guns that we are able to play with. We don’t know if this would be coming next week already or not, but we hope it does. Having an OC-14 “Groza” assault rifle or a Steyr AUG would be perfect as an add-on for the server despite the 16 weapons we have now, making it 18. We don’t know if more items would be coming into the game depending on guns, weaponry, or grenades.

Admin tools

Hackers be aware, the admin tools are being expended with a few new tools that the admin can be using. Recently, reports came in of having the ability to only ban 50 users. Meaning that some server owners have to unban other users in order to ban the new ones, giving hackers that are banned before a free pass for another tryout with its hacks.

Presuming it’s going to be dealt with, allowing server owners to ban more users then just 50 steamIDs. Besides that, the tools also contain other awesome future’s to be enjoyed, giving the admin a bit more ropes to pull on when it comes to his game server.

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Speculations of the following “options” that will come. Please take this list with a pinch of salt.

  • Godmode
  • Spawning items
  • Teleporting
  • Random event trigger
  • Day/night time change

New missions

  1. The bounty hunter – Rumors suggesting that there is a new mission incoming as well. The bounty hunter mission provides you a mission of taking down an AI that’s hiding at a certain location. Taking him out and reaping the rewards afterward once done looting its corps.
  2. Heli crash site – Another mission is said during a live stream by a Reddit user. Despite the leak, the post was taken down 4 Hours afterward. But, going to an heli crash site for a certain item that needs to be found would be wicked. That would result in an epic PvP battle.

Bug Fixes

What’s an update without having bugfixes right? Indeed. Deadside is even pushing their time to the limit to provide all bugs to be removed from the game. Glad, as there are some highly ongoing issues that should be fixed instantly.

  • Duplication bug fix
  • Going outside the map barriers
  • Floating trees
  • Missing body parts
  • Missing prefabs on the roads, invisible walls

More land?

Not sure if there would be more land to become accessible for the gamers to explorer. But, it would be awesome if they could as building a base somewhere is a hard task to succeed. Despite the big landscape we already have, aren’t there many places for a decent base building session. But, their land border should be different as well in my opinion.

For example, instead of an invisible wall, they could add radiation signs and add a slick amount of radiation as the zones are too “radiated” to be visited. AI with gas masks, protecting the borders from trespassers.



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