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BREAKING NEWS — Be aware of the following information. Keep in mind, this information is shared in order to alert the community as well for others that are using discord. Please share this with your fellow friends on discord to make sure they are not one of the victims. A new Discord piece of malware is coming to get you and you are not gonna like it.

There is a discord bot called “Spidey Bot” with a malware alert in it. This was found several days ago by an online team that alerted the devs of discord about the issue. The Windows malware injects itself into Discord’s code and steals your username, email address, IP address, phone number, and Discord user token. The malware also copies the first 50 characters of your Windows clipboard, which might contain your password if you’ve copied and pasted it recently, and creates a “backdoor” so that more malware can be installed. Macs don’t seem to be affected.

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If you’re not familiar with the software Discord, it’s chat software often used by PC gamers that have also been picked up lately by people who’ve been kicked off Reddit and Twitter for particularly unsavory comments. Discord is also most commonly used by communities such as ourselves, clans, teams, friends and there are many benefits you get from discord while not getting it from Teamspeak.

It’s not totally clear yet how the Discord malware gets on your machine as there are many ways to do this. Malware researcher Vitali Kremez suspects it‘s being passed around in Discord chats as cheats for Roblox and other games. Kremez told Bleeping Computer two files names he’d seen were “Blueface Reward Claimer.exe” and “Synapse X.exe“. These 2 files are normally not within discord its folder or folder elsewhere depending on where the virus has placed his birth nest.

In order to remove it, it’s advised to remove discord from the desktop and installing a clean new version. Its also advised that you have an active scanner for this kind of issue. As long you have a virus scanner or malware scanner that’s always up to date, you dont have to be worried about it.


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