Doom eternal – New updates and a new boss!

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It is time to grab that chainsaw from the closet. Once again, Bethesda’s latest update to Doom Eternal made changes to the game more balanced and added a load of new wicked content including an awesome new game mode. “Invasion mode”

Several changes have also been made include reduced damage while swimming, removing difficulty damage scaling for water and slime, and moving the Rad Suit in Taras Nabad so that players can see it better when they enter the arena. A new anti-hack program, a new and cleaner filter when it comes to toxic users in the game.

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Battlemode tutorials are now mandatory for new players first entering the mode. Measures are being taken to discipline players who prematurely exit matches or harass others in chat. Battlemode players will be glad to see there is now a latency indicator, showing whether they have high latency or packet loss. They will also get a damage report after they are slain, letting them know what killed them.


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