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REEE, for those that are wondering on the online game Runescape, be aware! Safe up your keys, protein bars, and nifty cores. From the 27th till the first of March, it is double XP once again at Runescape.

But, as for now. There is even already a massive event ongoing there, proving you with lots of XP. Check out Lumbridge and collect those chill off tokens. 6 skills are presented, and every day one gets eliminated. The few there will be over, the higher the XP will be on it. Most users are suggesting that herblore is going to peak out the list this year and that the agility will be second.

For those interested to know, if you still dont have 99 agility, this is your chance to collect some good XP in a fast way. 300K an hour of XP if you would be walking there. Meaning, from 85 towards 99 would take less than 7 days to complete.

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Add some buffs to it, the agility clothing set, including those nifty silver feather boots. With the use of double XP, core and premier club bonus XP, it could tik up towards a whopping 950 XP every 3 seconds. That’s some good XP gathering.

To finish it up, ALL members of Karma knights be aware, I’m going to give away a bond just before double XP will start! You will see all the details on your discord section of the clan soon.


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