Dr Disrespect banned on Twitch

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The popular streamer Dr Disrespect has been banned from Twitch, recent reports show that the streamer has been perm banned for life after breaching a rule in the TOS of Twitch. While everyone is wild guessing why he got banned and the reason for it, does it still not explain why he got banned at all. After 3 months of having a thick contract at twitch, they banned him without a note. Without even the simplest reaction, does Dr. Disrespect grab in thin air on why he is banned.

Fans of Dr Disrepect said to gaminghq that during his last streaming session, Dr. Disrespect was a “little nervous”. As if something recently happened without notice. We cannot confirm it if this happened, but a lot of fans are speaking of the same ongoing issues. Dr Disrepect its twitch channel has been removed.

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When we are going to ask what the reason is of this ban at twitch, they had no comment on it. They even didn’t have a comment about the upcoming mass boycott. Rumors says that a lot of twitch streamers are refusing to stream until twitch is cleaning out the rotten apples, they now only gently added and now also demanding for an answer about the ban of Dr. Disrepect.


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