[EU/NL] Rustorica PvP #2

 Breaking news!
  • Stay strong folks - Be safe. #corvid19
  • New weekly Updates!
  • Deadside server released
  • We are looking for volunteers!

Welcome towards the Rustorica PvP – #2. An online world with a few tweaks for a sick time of gaming with almost vanilla style. Join the other online gamers and start surviving today! With a awesome Purge event just before wipe, is this one of the servers that’s doing more then just running a server.  

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Plugin information

  • Backpacks
  • PlayerChallengesPlus ( only here at gaminghq.eu )
  • Mymini
  • Edited stacksizes for chests, inventory exlcuded
  • Discord connected and monitored
  • Country Check
  • GUIHUD with server information.
  • InfoPanel

Server setup

  • Raiding players is allowed full time, without questions asked.
  • Admin its base will have nothing more then some walls and some crappy loot. no need to raid them. ( saves you some c4 on it )
  • Stacksizes are edited for chest stacking, not inventory stacking
  • 10% upkeep
  • Rustcord connected and monitored 24/7