[EVENT] The purge – Radsz PvEvP

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Announcing the commencement of the monthly purge sanctioned by GamingHQ. Weapons of class four and lower have been authorized for use during the purge. Admins, moderators, and team members of ranking 4 and higher have been granted immunity and shall not be harmed. Commencing at the siren, any and all crime (including raiding) will be legal for 24 continuous hours. Police, fire, and Emergency Medical Services will be unavailable until the last base has fallen. When the purge concludes. Blessed be our new founding fathers… A nation is reborn. May the rust Gods be with you all.

The purge will start on the 5th of august while on the 6th, the next update will be pushed. This could also mean that we would be able to release the next upcoming custom map, but as I have some setbacks, it could take ending up with more time to be spent on it. Luckily, we have some members that are willing to help out with us and make a neat custom map for our PvE/PvP players.

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As of today, more loot will be able to be found, more Resources ( from quarries or giant excavator only ), and an extra daily kit is being created for this event. A slight chance of additional airdrops and more dynamic events will be released during the purge.


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