Facebook goes way to fast

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Facebook goes way to fast these days, recent reports showing that Facebook recently released a twitch lookalike page section for.. you already guessed it, games. Before you know it, we would be one click away from ordering ourselves a cup of coffee while being on Facebook. Their system is not perfect, but it shows how much users are using Facebook on a daily base.

Facebook does have its downsides, one of them is the massive amount of fake accounts, groups, pages and of course all the useless spam. Other downsides such as lack of support, lack of their advertisement system and lack on their own terms and agreement. Facebook does have some issues ongoing but loves to reinvent their website. Even rumors are suggesting that the blue well-known navbar will be terminated and replaced for something else.

The big list

News, sponsored content or even selling your own items on Facebook. Facebook goes way too far with its services. We made a small list of their services.

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  • Selling buying second handed items on FB market
  • Creating own Facebook page ( Company related )
  • Advertisements
  • Development
  • Game streaming service
  • Livestreaming
  • Playing small free pay pay games.
  • Finding companies in DB
  • Chat messenger

But what Facebook also does without your notice?  ( but you accepted it anyway )

  • Using your data for 3rd parties
  • Using your pictures for their advertisements on TV or web.
  • Using your videos
  • Using your live streams to reduplicate ( don’t know any reason why but eh.. )
  • Using your data for personalization of the ads they show.
  • Push messages without you asking for it.
  • Copies your whole mobile phone and shows ”suggested friends” on their website.
  • If a user visits the supermarket and uses its free wifi, everyone else on that wifi sees you as a ”suggested friends”
  • Banned by a user? just use incognito. Facebook has a lack when it comes to data protection.
  • FB reads everyone their private messages.

Their system fails hard when it comes on reporting facebook pages, profiles, groups or even worse. We are not going into full detail, but the horror that Facebook has hidden does no one know. Facebook ain’t a sweet nice website, everything has its dark side.


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