Facebook hides negative posts on request

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Being a company is hard, having people on your social media all day, asking questions or complaining about ongoing issues. You highly likely already have encountered such ongoing session, people that are getting mad on lacking support, for example, start to write about it on social media.

Page owners of social media are having the ability to hide people their post in case this would be negative. Even if the negative would be legit or not, they get removed by Facebook on request from that page owner even if its legit the reason why the people would be negative about.

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Facebook however is more often on the news lately. Last time, they had issues with the government on laws and privacy issues. Now, there is even an ongoing boycott going as a lot of huge big companies are not advertising on Facebook do boycott them due to the hate speeches and hate crimes in America.

But, that’s not everything. Facebook has way more ongoing issues, things you would not even know that Facebook is fighting all day. Content that should not belong on the world wide web at all. Luckily, we also have those wicked awesome groups where people are together and helping out a hand by taking down anything that doesn’t belong on Facebook or other social media elsewhere.


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