FaceBook Terror – More annoying ads

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The Facebook terror saga continues! This time, more ads! Facebook has recently released an update on its platform, making videos you upload accessible for showing ads on your own private content. Yes, you hear me. Facebook is making money for our own content. Facebook makes advertisements on our pictures, videos, and even live streams.

While we are not seeing a dime, we also lose our rights once we upload our own content to the clouds of Facebook. But, we all know Facebook is just one big money greedy company with a leader that’s his IQ is not getting higher than the edge of a sidewalk. Mr. Zucker only wants more and more and now with the corona outbreak, the hate speeches, and Black Life Matters “issues” with the government in America, is he a target of today’s society.

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Mr. Zucker doesn’t mind it that huge companies like coca-cola or local supermarkets don’t want to place advertisements to boycott Facebook for this month as its letting his platform being abused by hate speeches. But, besides that does facebook now also make it possible to lure you to paid content of scammers. Giving the scammers a free open gate on ads and revenue.

After all of this, Facebook is still one of the biggest social platforms in the world. How long would they be able to keep on going like this and isn’t there another social king coming around the corner?


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