Facebook videos – a pain for us, perfect for FB

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You have seen them, those online videos that people are sharing from time to time on their Facebook channels. Gameplay about something, a car crash, or who knows its a few tips for clothing. Well, Facebook is making money on your private content and you should know it.

When it comes to videos, every user including you might have been uploading your content to Facebook. What Facebook doesn’t let you know, is that they show advertisements in your video. Even if it’s your own video or not, Facebook doesn’t give a damn about it, they just chuck ads on it.

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Facebook is slacking, searching for more ways to legit make money and if you thought that sharing gameplay to your own page, others that looking at it will be forwarded to the next video… ohh I didn’t mention it won’t be another movie from you, but some weird streamer with 5 views about rust from another channel pops up. Forwarding my members to another page in the hope that they will like it. Because, traffic, Facebook can make money off it.

Small advertisers with their own store is a pain as well. These users should be perm banned on social media itself, trying to scam other people by letting them pay for items they port in from china, but selling it for 20 bucks more to make a sick profit from innocent users. These people should be dealt with. These people don’t deserve getting fame from Facebook but eh, Facebook doesn’t care. Facebook doesn’t check ads before releasing them. Facebook allows other people to abuse their system and they don’t do anything about it.



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