Farmville 2: Country Escape Review

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Farmville 2: Country Escape Review

With all the coverage we’ve had on many games on the desktop recently as well for all those other free game apps, no doubt you know that I’ve been playing a heck of a lot of Farmville back in the days when I was a bit younger. Time to bring their second game a change. Really missing the old days ( if I could remember, I had a heck of a huge farm, that Facebook even didn’t like it sometimes. ( it toke me 9 min to load the game and its assets, so you could imagine it a bit 😛 )Anyways, let get into it!

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Wut ya doing zygna ):

Zynga has somewhat of a weird history in the social games world. While they weren’t the first to online game market of Facebook, Farmville itself captured the world of the Facebook its crowd in a way that few games have never since before. However, they’ve attracted a healthy amount of criticism for their emphasis on spamming your social media friends in order to get ahead in the game. It’s a marketing tactic for the game, pure and simple.

Even if you are not intended to send it every single time to your friends, your friends would be mad about it as some people just didn’t use Facebook for games but for social stuff as it was intended before. Farmville 2 is only marginally better on this front, and many games since have come along that was a bit easier to play without constant begging. Candy Crush Saga has been the big hit of recent years, and Zynga has since ceded the crown of social gaming to its maker, King.

Farmville 2: Country escape could easily have been a cheap tie-in or port of Farmville 2 to mobile, but it’s not. There’s a tiny breath of originality here that I haven’t seen from Zynga in the past. Most of their post-Farmville games have been cheap reskins of popular titles that they had in the past. Country Escape doesn’t fully break the game its logic, but it is a good sign that Zynga has learned that it needs to get creative if it wants to get back on top.

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And now, after several years, other games from Zynga have been fallen while it was really popular in the past. These games should be coming back to be revamped. Some characters from the game are even sold towards supercell, the creators behind Clash of clash and the game Boom beach.

Fun, Until you need to wait.


Sadly, the Gameplay itself is just as one of many other free games. This is a pretty standard “tap and wait” game. Tap the well to get some water. When the game came out back in the days, they had a limited time to be used before they ”drain out”, however, players found out quickly that the water was always ”tappable” so unlimited water was born on the seaside of the game. Tap the field and swipe a water drop onto it. Wait a few minutes for the crop to grow. Tap to harvest. Tap and swipe the crop onto an animal to feed it. And so on into infinity.

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Pay pay like a boss


Obviously, as this game is free, there are in-game microtransactions. In this game, keys are the premium currency. They let you skip wait times, but since this is a game about waiting I find that kind of pointless. They also unlock multiple copies of buildings, which I find essential for some of the tougher timed quests in the game.

The game’s not obnoxious about selling you things. It’s certainly possible to play indefinitely without paying. However, I would like to see a few more free keys now and again. They’re essential for expanding your farm’s production, especially of lower level goods. Keys are very hard to come by, though.


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