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Yes people, as of today you have the ability to follow us through our own discord channel. Recently, Discord released a new toy for the communities and they are happy about it. Join us today on discord and subscribe to stay updated about our ongoing progress of the custom map we are creating, breaking news, and awesome giveaways!

Just to keep in mind, we will not overuse this system. We will only bring the content that’s needed to be aware of. You will be able to follow more channels of us soon once we have rolled out all our updates and changes for the upcoming week.

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We have also made some slight changes in our game list, we have reinstated the Dayz channels, but we do NOT have a server running at the moment. Once the server merge is completed, we will be rolling out the servers one by one before we will be adding the Dayz server towards the list. We are planning to add the GTA5 channels and other potential channels in case there would be a need for it. Please let us know in case if you would have questions or if there more channels have to be added.


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