G2A loot crates & points – a 100% scam!

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Oboii oboii, LootPoints earned for a free tryout on G2A? Well, you might have seen it coming more often than you would have been able to earn some free extra games. Well, Those “free games” are worthless, and you high likely pay double of it in the end. Today my GamingHQ followers, we will be talking about the merchant G2A its dark side, the loot crate scams. But, before we are starting with this, we want to say thank you to everyone who is keeping an eye on the community. We love you, folks! Haven’t you joined yet and just reading this straight from google or elsewhere? Well, you can join us today and stay updated 24/7 trough our discord channel.

Lootcrates and lootpoints

The lootpoints are one thing when it comes to G2A its promises. Selling your games that you looted provides you with loot points. Sadly, these lootpoints must be used within 30 days of earning. This also means if you would buy more loot points. Buying lootpoints would increase the changes for you to obtain more games, but it also comes with a price.

The changes to obtain a good game is slim, but still unstable when it comes to your online wallet. Lootpoints are cheap and can be bought for a small amount of 1 euro for 10 lootpoints. So, if you would buy over 10 euro’s of lootpoints, you will end up with 100 lootpoints. Good games with high valuable crates are already quikly 20 LP worth, while there might be only 2 good games in it and the rest is pure junk.

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Fun fact, Lootpoints are only valid for 30 days. After that, they expire. Meaning, if you would have spend some money on lootpoints to fetch some small games for yourself, but wanted to wait a little bit for new crates, you basically screw yourself up. They force you to spend your loot points in order to obtain free games. I believe, it’s even against the EU laws when it comes to gambling, but ah.. who is gonna say that to G2A?

Games that even doenst activate

Some of these games that can be earned cannot even be activated in our country. This makes the user being forced to sell the game again. This way, he will get some LootPoints in return, but it’s a skinny amount of what you would be getting in return. A user reported that one of the games he bought finally cost him 3 times the amount of what the game was worth. Making lootpoints an easy way for G2A to make some bad money on the side.

G2A ” no comments “

G2a has no comments when it comes to this unfair way of earning money on the side. Therefor, we see silence as a guilty feeling when people starts to shut themselves. Let’s see how this will be ending and if this would be getting a tail.


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