Game Servers down – 2-8-2020 01:00 – 06:00 ( GMT+2 )

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | August 1, 2020

Good morning everyone. Please be advised that tonight at midnight, the servers might be going offline and our game servers will then be merged to a newer section of the host where we will have more and better toys to play with.

The estimated time for devs to move the data from one server to another server is unknown, but to avoid any issues when it comes to the game servers itself, it been done during night time. Once the servers will be back online, we would be able to relaunch our dayz server as well, but we have to look for it first if it would be worth it or not as game servers ain’t just free.

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The reason why we are getting a new Game server is that our game rust has been eating RAM like cookies, something we actually really need when it comes on running game servers. one game server can quickly reach over 8 GB of ram and while we have 16GB of ram.. well do the math. We needed more RAM so its been doubled! We will have 32GB of working RAM in our system.



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