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DayZ - survival guide

DayZ is all about discovering what’s possible, from gathering loot, weapons till other survivors that may lurk around the corner to take you down. Who knows someone needs your help or who knows you need some. These Tips and suggestions are writen for you to understand how the game its logic goes and what you can do in case you would be stuck in a jam.

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Keep in mind, these are tips and suggestions from us. Everyone has their own way of playstyle. People could still kill you or not. Its all upon them to be friendly or not.

15 Tips to survive DayZ

15 Survival Tips for New DayZ Players

  1. The Use of a microphone is a must have, and use it often. Speak to people, you will not regret it. Mostly… Speaking to people could also attract zombies so use with caution!
  2. Chernarus, is situated in Eastern Europe, you will find city names and other signs in Cyrillic letters. If you want to know where you are, you better start learning them. Luckely, there are mods that makes it easier then it was before.
  3. DayZ does not offer a mini-map, as navigation and discovery is an essential part of the game. You are able to find static and portable tourist maps in-game that will help you, as well as compasses. Experts may find other means to navigate in the sky. Some servers however supporting a minimap trough a workshop mod. Pressing G would open the map in most cases.
  4. After starting the game, you will quickly discover that your character is running low on water. Players and infected might be a major threat, but if you ignore your own characters needs for too long, you will find yourself at the bottom end of the food chain pretty quickly. Your energy and body temperature are among the other values that you should constantly keep an eye on. Dont eat spoiled food and always check what the fluid the bottle water contains. Sometimes, people leave them with gasoline inside, in the hope you would drink it.
  5. It can be tempting to stay close to the coast in an attempt to avoid the dangers of the inland. But don’t forget that you are not the only survivor washed ashore, so the coastal areas are often picked clean by by-passers. Better prepare yourself to move inland as well.
  6. Yes, we have crafting as well. However, we don’t want our players to spend 50 percent of the game in the inventory. That’s why all crafting combinations are connected to the hands, meaning you need always to have one item to combine in your hands, and add the other item from the open world or your inventory. There are several hotkey slots available to help you avoid long inventory searches in critical situations.
  7. Your character is fragile. A bullet to the head or other vital organs can be your end at any time and you won’t even hear it coming. Cherish your character and be careful, when to pick your fights.
  8. Other survivors can be your friends or enemies. They might even start out as one and end up becoming the other. Fact is, avoiding player contact might appear to be safe, but what would life be without company?
  9. But what about the loot? Look carefully. Valuables are not only stacked in buildings, but the infected are also carrying items with them, and nature can be its very own source of food. Stay aware of your surroundings and prepare yourself accordingly, you never know where you will find the next bunch of supplies, once you leave town.
  10. Always stay indoors when nighttime comes. More undead and animals may walk around.
  11. Big loot such as thick weapons and big tents can mostly be found on military grounds. But those grounds are fortified with zeds across the whole area. Proceed with caution.
  12. A crashed helicopter may smoke, but attracks zombies and other players to the event as well. Proceed with caution.
  13. An open door with a gun inside laying on the ground ain’t always a good sign. some survivors takes the term surviving big time. Theft is a big thing on dayz.
  14. Store your loot safe in barrels and hide them where you think noone will come. Its better to have your loot spread and having more stops at certain locations to fill up your needs.
  15. Zombies can glitch easy trough walls and windows. make sure you are fully safe before logging out. Being attacked while logging out makes the logging out being canceled. Forcing the logout screen and being attacked would result in a dead personage.