DayZ – How to survival?

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How to survival?

Every player has basic needs that have to be taken care of depening of whatever you might have planned to do for the day. Especially when your new towards the game and dont know what to do, you will die a lot in the first few times and yes, you will start over with nothing more then just the basic items you get from the game. Failing to pay attention to any one of these elements for a long time may results in lower stanima, getting lost without ammo or even worse.. death.


OMNOMNOM, food is one of the major things we have to remind. In real life, we would not die that fast, but ingame it might be clever to have always some food on the road. Think of fidning some apples, can of tuna or who knows you might find some canned beef from an airdrop. Scavange houses, farming your own crops and keep something to nibble on while your on the road.


Whats more importent then food? yes. you guessed it correctly. water! Keeping yourself hydrated must go hand-in-hand with keeping yourself energized. Dont start randomly drink from anything you find such as a jerrycan, it contains gasoline and you dont want that. Some other wells might be poisend, lakes could be poisend so always think twice before you would be happy when you find a well. Keep in mind that eventually some water will not be safe to drink and will require you to use water purification tablets or boil it in order for it to be consumable without causing sickness. A player can also hydrate themselves by drinking some cans of soda like a sprite or a coke that you could find while hiking. Water can be consumed from a water bottle or canteen as well, both which can be refilled at one of the several sources of water.

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Depending upon the time of year that we are living in (and therefore the ambient temperature), players must actively work to keep themselves warm or they will eventually grow very cold and become hypothermic. The colder you become, the more difficult it is to become warm again. In order to stay warm you must stay dry. Rain coats could be one of the things that could save your life or a nice campfire next to your tent.


In addition to satisfying all of the traditional demands placed on your player, you will need to find ways of getting healthy when faced with an injury, infection, or any other ailment. Medical supplies can be found primarily in related facilities such as hospitals and medical centers. If you would be in a village or city, its surely worth your time to take a visit.


Load up your guns with rocks would not work, Combat is always lurking around the corner. A zombie, player or who knows a nasty doggo tries to eat your butt. In order to defend yourself and overcome these obstacles, you’ll need to find or create some weapons. Some servers might have a Trader plugin and others might have a sanctuary where you could hangout and make some new friends.