DayZ – Trader workshop mod & addons

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Trader Workshop mod

The workshop on steam brings many golden workshop mod and creations from other beloved DayZ players. Obe of these mods is called ”Trader” and it brings 2 trader loactions into your game. These traders can be visited at Green mountain and Kumyrna. Server owners of a DayZ standalone server can configure the Tradercitys with their ways of working in the safe zones and items they sell.

The plugin brings in a new currency called rubbles. A Russian currency that’s been used for buying and selling items from the trader market. Please note: As a server owner, make sure you add in the rubbles as mentioned in the types.xml file, otherwise they wont appear in the map as potentional loot to be found. 

Please note: For those that playing on our servers, we have this plugin active.

Please note: This is information, not a repack or reupload!

Trader addons by RaG