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5 tips to survive the cruel world of deadside

Whoo, you just got respawned and find yourself a small city to start scavenging your way to victory. Grab some nails, few planks and you have a base…. well, forget about that. Deadside is well known for long time gameplay with a long time need to build yourself a base to stash your loot in. As you will be spending a lot of time in the game, you have to know some basic tips to start ahead.

This game is all about survival, and most of us always make some mistakes. Here, are the top 5 tips that you have to know to survive the cruel world of Deadside.

Cities with no name and NPC

Those beloved white dots that you can see on the map are not forgotten cities. These are military compounds with only one task. trying to keep everyone out. Coming nearby is a risk and should only be done if you would be teaming up with others. These zones contain good loot. Thick backpacks, guns, and other valuable items are waiting for you to be taken. But, will it be worth it? That’s upon to you.

Military zones are heavily guarded by guards and troops are walking nearby. One-shot would trigger them all. Proceed with caution or stay away from it.

This even includes patrols on the road. never keep walking alone on the road. Before you know it, it can be too late. NPC’s can be found almost everywhere, and they go in groups between 2 and 9. Keep yourself on nature at most of the time, unless you would be able to risk it all.

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quikbar options

  1. Some items that are in the game can come into a good advantage once you find them or buy them. A lighter, map, flashlight, but the best item of all that you can find so far in my opinion, is a walkie talkie. With the walkie talkie, you have the ability to hear patrols nearby. Making it perfect to loot cities and being aware of incoming danger.  Placing this in your quick bar ingame between F1 and F4 makes it possible to grab the walkie talkie, but without holding it, you will hear them as well.
  2. Quikbar options 1 2 and 3 are for weapons, handguns, and axes. Keep in mind, that if you would find a handgun, that you can only place this on the number 2 quick bar option. This is where your knife is located. the 1 and 3 quick bar can be used for the heavy weapons.
  3. Option 4 to 7 provides the ability to use consumption, meds, and other eatable items.

Carry items is a real deal.

When you start ingame, you quickly find yourself in a first midlife crisis. You find slick loot but can only carry 2 along the road. Search for some jeans, jackets, and decent pants. Who knows, you even find yourself a bag to put stuff inside as well. You can however also craft yourself an improvised backpack, giving the ability to carry a bit more around. As long as you have 2 rope and some burlaps.

Press tab to open up your inventory and go to the tab “craft” on your left top side of the hud. From there, you will be able to craft yourself an improvised backpack.

Long distance walking is a pain

O boy, you just got shot, dead, and respawned but gets chased the second you start walking again by others. Stressing out. what if you died again? well.. you can speed things up! With reputation points, you are able to spawn nearby a city on the map. With the limitations of compounds and save zones. Obtaining these points can be done trough mission or selling items from fallen soldiers like dog tags for example. It will cost you 10 points to spawn on a chosen location.

Make some money

When you are at the trader, seeing that beloved gun you like to have. Well, today you can! A lot of items can be sold at the trader for thick cash. Rare items can be found in the game everywhere and may worth a good extra payment while wandering the cruel worlds of dead side. Make sure you keep them with you at all costs.

Several zones have also hidden crates to be looted. These crates can spawn time to time on the map and can be looted once you have taken down a few NPC’s that’s guarding it. Grab their dog tags and you have 2 birds in one go. And you have some neat cash, and dog tags provides you of reputation points.