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Deadside - Quick money guide

When it comes to diehard cash, you have to be sure that you have a decent amount of money to buy your gear from the stores in case you would not be able to collect the items yourself. Being a solo player is hard, but teaming up would be great. The more users participating in an event, the thicker the rewards would be.

But, what if you would be a solo player wandering around the wildlands of Deadside? You would love to earn at least a decent amount of cash to have at least some chances to survive. Here is our way to earn a Quik few bucks trough mission gameplay.

Construction site - Easy mission, medium missions.

When it comes to shooting everything that you can see on the construction site mission, it is one particular way of looting bodies and getting an easy victory by just standing on top of the building while chucking down some grenade’s into the staircase to take out those nasty AI bots. With easy missions and medium missions, you would be able to accumulate a thick 25K of cash if done correctly.

TIP – A Decent Tier 2 weapon might spawn on the rooftop neat the front entrance. This is mostly an AK-SU or AK-mod. An AK-mod can be sold for 10K while an AK-SU sells for 6K.

Tip – When you come from the save zone, the best way is to rush towards the top of the building between the backside of the construction site and the 2 silos. You might see 2 or 3 AI already patrolling there. Ignore them, they can’t hit you badly when you run like a crazy dude to the roof as a bucket of KFC would be standing there free to be grabbed.

Tip – A small loot crate could spawn on the rooftop where you can find the Tier 2 weapon spawn. This mostly contains food, drinks, and some ammo.

Lumber campsite - Easy mission, medium missions.

If you have the time, and willing to take the risk a little bit. You could do this awesome event as well. Shooting all AI would finish the quest. This area is perfect for sniper rifles, hiding from the mountains a little, able to pick them one at the time. Yes, they could have some thick weapons, but when done the right way, you are able to accumulate 10-25K each mission. We prefer to use a Mosin or S85.

TIP – Several AI NPC likes to hide indoors with shotguns. Proceed with caution! Use a grenade to flush them if you have one. 

TIP – Use a small loot crate to stash extra loot and farm the whole area empty. Perfect when being alone on the server or having the skills to perform this on a PvP server. 

TIP – Being alone on the server gives a good advantage, Combine this mission with other missions for maximum profits.