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Have you found a location that’s not listed here? Let us know! Send us the location trough our discord!

Deadside - Weapon Crate locations

Weapon crate spawns can come in handy from time to time when it comes to combat and/or making some quick money. Giving the ability for any user to get their hands dirty for just a bit and getting the loot afterward. These locations are scattered across the game wide and can be found during your gameplay.

You will be able to find a lot of items inside of it. Mostly between the 7 and 12 items. This is a big amount considering what you have to do in missions to get decent loot as well. These crates mostly spawn a good weapon, but also ammo of all kinds, some foods, drinks, and even diehard cash as well.

The value of the crates can also be variating from just 5k cash, or 20k cash, depending on what the items could be in the crate. We had a car battery once, which is already a whopping 10k.  Do this a few times and you will be set for life with a decent amount of cash.

To make life simple as every second count, see here a small list of city names with possible crate locations. Keep in mind, these crates do not always spawn on the same locations. 

Check out all crate locations!

All locations we know so far!

Check out all crate locations trough here! Updated daily with new content!

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Keep in mind

Keep in mind that not every crate would be spawned in the game. These crates mostly spawn at the start of a new AI patrol. Once obtaining these crates, they can have some nifty loot inside of it. Hand weapons, tier 1 shotties, food, drinks, and a lot of ammo. On some occasions, you even might find a car battery in it or other kinds of very worthy items. High-value items do well at the trader’s locations so make sure you keep them with you safe costs what costs.

Want to contribute?

Help us out completing the map! Send us locations of possible crates in gameplay, screenshots or even a moment in someone its live stream, we would love to know all locations, even when the map is fully released. Are you ready to create a decent map together with the team? Apply today and who knows you will be the next cog in our community team.

Want to contribute?

Rather like to stay anonymous? that’s possible as well. Mail us your content to our contact mail form. This can be found back at our contact form. Please provide additional information such as possible locations on the map, naming, or even the possibility of incoming AI. Everything is welcome of information that could lead to a completed map for everyone to be used.