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The Bradley Guide

Before entering the Launch site, please be advised that you must gear up pretty good on clothing. Radiation might be lurking around the corner. For a decent chance of defeating the nasty Bradley for beginners, you will need to have at least a Road Sign Armour set. However, if the Launch site is located in the snow area, then we would advise something less metal as metal attracts cold while too much clothing in the desert would kill you from heat or thirst.

To increase more chances of taking down Bradley you might want to get some friends to help you! Dont randomly ask in the chat, players might be waiting for it to hunt you down and take your loot away. Never trust anyone.

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Nail it and take the rewards!

To achieve the tank being destroyed you need to use good gear to get good gear and construction improvements such as an armored double door for your base for example, basically saying you might want to use your best weapons to better ones. Preferably use at least 8 direct rocket shots on the Tank to take him down or 3 – 4 C4 to blow him into the sky.


  • Use the roofs to chuck down some C4 while he is distracted by a team member.
  • Use the small security checkpoint house to hide in. The tank will ignore you.
  • Hide behind the mountains of sand while shooting rockets.
  • To get extra benefits from the scrapped bradley, bring a jackhammer with you for extra charcoal, metal fragments and HQM metal refined. A jackhammer is fast and can come in handy in busy PVP servers.