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HBHF sensor

We have seen many players and users complaining about the fact that the HBHF sensor is only giving one power output, even if you would place hundreds of batteries and wind turbines, it will always be a max of one volt. To keep everything simple, ill explain how you are able to use the HBHF sensor properly. Most people seem to be getting caught in the trap that the sensor needs to power components that need to be set off, which is wrong. The sensor is not a power source, it is a trigger.

In this guide, we will be explaining how to use the HBHF sensor with a garage door for a gyrocopter to land in, how to use it with lights for automatic lights and to set off an alarm.

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So, let's get started!

First of all, make sure you have the following items as well for a power source to hook it on. If not, please create a power source first before going into this tutorial.

  1. First, we’re going to connect our power source to the splitter.
  2. Next, we run power out from the splitter to the sensor, then to the power in on our memory cell, then lastly to the reset on the memory cell.
  3. Now take the power out from the sensor and run it to set on the memory cell. Connect the output from the memory cell to the power in on another splitter. Then to finish it off, run the power out on that splitter to anything that you want to trigger, like doors, lights, alarms, etc.
  4. Now if we go in the range of the sensor, it triggers multiple components and when we’re out of range, they reset. This works because we’re only using the 1 power output from the sensor to set the memory cell and everything else is powered from a different line of power.
  5. This is as far as I’m aware of the intended use for the sensor. It’s a trigger, not a passthrough.
  6. Before we finish up I should mention that you’ll only need this if you want to trigger multiple components. If you’re just wanting it to operate one thing, such as a broadcaster, then you can just run the sensor directly to it.