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SOD 2 Base locations

When you start a new community, you will be forced to take the first house you find. As you don’t have those nifty prestige points yet or not even 8 members in your community. This guide will show where those locations are and what their benefits will be. Keep in mind that these locations are have be to earned trough the influence system, making it impossible to obtain them easily.

Some of them have benefits, while others don’t. Keep in mind that the community of state of decay 2 is always making updates and that this guide might be getting outdated. If this is the case, let us know and we will update this guide to its latest version.

Home Sites are the safe heavens in State of Decay 2’s online world of zombie apocalypse. It’s your base of operations and the home of your community that you will have defend and mostlikely spend the most time. While every home site has its own kind of perks and ways to use it, does they have one thing in common:

  • A defensible perimeter. In most cases, its related to walls, fences or broken stacked up stuff from the world.
  • A Locker to store all your found items in it,
  • A Command Center and
  • And a Storage for all your resources.

Home Sites can be improved by constructing facilities and claiming outposts, providing assets and crafting opportunities for your survivors to help them in their day-to-day survival.

Cascade Hills


Justineau House

Justineau House is where you’ll land if you choose this as your starting zone. You’ll find it in the southeastern corner of the area. It’s a decent place, but you’ll soon outgrow it and start dreaming of a bigger place. But, for everyone this is the perfect spot to be when you would be starting a new community.

The Corner Office

The Corner Office is a good choice. It’s in the middle of the map, so it’s equally distant from pretty much everywhere, and it starts off with the following: chic eatery kitchen, garden lvl 2, overlook, workshop lvl 2, sheltered beds and two parking spaces. It also has one large open slot, and two small outdoor slots, and it can be expanded with two outposts. It covers three floors of a building, and a small yard. It takes five survivors and 1000 Influence to claim this base.

The Church on The Hill

The Church on The Hill is equally central, and seems equally large, albeit with a much different layout. It consists of the following: a bell tower, four parking spaces, and two sets of pews, both of which are clearable. You also get one large open slot, one small indoor slot, and two small outdoor slots. Not a lot, considering it takes 1000 Influence and five survivors.

Loch & Keogh Self Storage

Another interesting one is the Loch & Keogh Self Storage. You’ll find it in the northwestern corner of the map. It’s a storage facility with lots of open space and several small buildings. The facilities it has are: elaborate storage, two sets of sheltered beds, secret distillery, three parking spaces, watchtower, abandoned locker (clearable). You can connect it with two outposts, and expand it across one large slot, one small indoor slot and two small outdoor slots. You’re gonna need 1500 Influence and six survivors to claim it.

Bridge Fort

One of the other bases that could prove interesting is Bridge Fort. It’s located in the south of the map, and slightly to the east, where the road going from west to east crosses the river. The facility houses one sheltered bed slot, one outer bed, three parking spaces, and two watchposts, one west, one east. It also has three open slots: one large, one small indoor, and one small outdoor. You need 500 Influence and four people to claim it.

Container Fort

Container Fort is yet another potential home site for you, located in the far southwest corner of the map. This base doesn’t have much to offer when you get there, but it does allow for a lot of customization. As far as existing facilities go, it offers one firesafe storage 3, one workshop 3, and three parking places. In open slots, there’s two large slots and five small outdoor slots. It’s kinda expensive to claim, since it requires 3500 Influence and eight survivors. This is arguably the best base in Cascade Hills.

Mohr & Mohr Distributing

Last, but far from least, there’s the base called Mohr & Mohr Distributing site. It’s a warehouse located in the northeast of the map, at the side of the larger road leading northeast. It takes 1500 Influence and six survivors to claim, and it’s well-worth the trouble. It offers one set of sheltered beds, one set of sheltered beds 2, a machine shop, four parking spaces, one huge fuel storage, and one backup generator; plus, you get two large slots, one small indoor slot, and two small outdoor slots