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SOD 2 Base locations

When you start a new community, you will be forced to take the first house you find. As you don’t have those nifty prestige points yet or not even 8 members in your community. This guide will show where those locations are and what their benefits will be. Keep in mind that these locations are have be to earned trough the influence system, making it impossible to obtain them easily.

Some of them have benefits, while others don’t. Keep in mind that the community of state of decay 2 is always making updates and that this guide might be getting outdated. If this is the case, let us know and we will update this guide to its latest version.

Home Sites are the safe heavens in State of Decay 2’s online world of zombie apocalypse. It’s your base of operations and the home of your community that you will have defend and mostlikely spend the most time. While every home site has its own kind of perks and ways to use it, does they have one thing in common:

  • A defensible perimeter. In most cases, its related to walls, fences or broken stacked up stuff from the world.
  • A Locker to store all your found items in it,
  • A Command Center and
  • And a Storage for all your resources.

Home Sites can be improved by constructing facilities and claiming outposts, providing assets and crafting opportunities for your survivors to help them in their day-to-day survival.

Meagher Valley


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Clarington House

As the starter base for Meagher Valley, the Clarington House is the first base you will claim in this area. Like the Vogel and Justineau Houses, this home base comes with some pre-existing facilities and a couple open slots, free of charge.

Country Church

Within the northwest section of Meagher Valley, there is a small Country Church that can be claimed and occupied for just 500 Influence and four survivors. It doesn’t come with much space for expansion, but it does have some Pews that can be cleared out to make room for additional facilities, such as beds.

Mazarra Farm

In the middle of the Meagher Valley map in State of Decay 2 is Mazzara Farm, a medium-sized base location situated along the east side of the river. To claim this home base, you will need to have at least five survivors and 1,000 Influence. Mazzara Farm comes with a decent number of Open Slots and pre-existing facilities for the price, so consider moving into this base when your Clarington House is starting to get cramped.

Squelones Brewing Company

Also located near the center of Meagher Valley is the Squelones Brewing Company, which is just east of Mazzara Farm. This potential home base comes with a Water Tank, Tasting Room, and a couple of Stills, as well as a clearable facility space. There are also plenty of Open Slots available for new facilities both indoor and outdoor. Claiming Squelones Brewing Company costs 1,500 Influence and requires six survivors. Considering its proximity to the Clarington House, it may be worth saving up to claim this brewery as a future home base.

Rural Police Station

While exploring the north end of Meagher Valley, keep an eye out for the Rural Police Station, which can be claimed as a new base for just five survivors and 1,000 Influence. It offers the same number of Open Slots as Mazzera Farm, so if you were looking to build a base somewhere in the north, then the Rural Police Station is a good alternative.

Camp Kalenqua

On the west side of the Meagher Valley map just north of the lake is Camp Kalenqua, another medium-sized base that comes with a decent number of facilities and Open Slots. While this base location doesn’t come with Sheltered Beds, you can clear out some debris to make room for additional facilities if needed. Camp Kalenqua can be yours for 1,000 Influence and five survivors.

Whitney Field

Lastly, in the southern part of the map you can find Whitney Field, a large base which comes with plenty of beds, parking, and Open Slots available for renovations. As one of the best base locations in Meagher Valley, Whitney Field comes with hefty requirements: 3,500 Influence and eight survivors.