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State of Decay 2 - 5 Tips for beginners

When it comes to survival games, does the game State of Decay 2 shine bright out of the few survival games that are actually worth playing. You slip up, or forget to pay attention to a small but crucial detail, then something bad is going to happen to either yourself, one of your followers, or an entire settlement that’s been relying on your leadership this whole time. Found yourself some food in the market and touched those shopping carts while going back out? Well, only that could even make your day into your worst nightmare.

These 5 tips will provide you for a quik headsup on the game and what you should aim for in the first place.

Search the area from higher grounds

Search up the heights

As experienced Players know of the original State of Decay, they will be familiar with the Survey Points that are scattered around the world of both games, but if you never played the first game before, then jumping into this game will be a deep pit of questions where you could find your REEsources. Climbing up each cell tower, billboards or even large powerline pole’s such as wind turbine’s and start using the height as an advantage to scout out all nearby points of interest by zooming in with your right mouse button when aiming down the sight.

Time management is a key aspect of staying alive in State of Decay 2, and distinguishing the important locales. Lucky, you already will be able to see the plague heart locations as well for the possible locations to set up camp with the community in case you would need to start growing.

Avoid the big boiis

The big boiis

Are you new to the game? it might be a good idea to avoid small bosses like juggernauths, screamers and freaks in the beginning. Yes, it might sound strange what we suggest as a lot of other communties and websites doenst advise it, but you will adventually have to take some of them down during missions, but it will learn you how to handle them and how to kill them.

In case you want to go yolo on it and still want to take those nasty zeds into the ground forever, we can advise as following.

  • When it comes on Freaks ( fast running zombies ), a shotgun will be a good option for a one shot kill if aimed correctly.
  • When it comes on Juggernauts ( as the image above shows for example ), Heavy weaponry is advised. Other ways would be blade weapons. Using flame ammo on it would cause to set him on fire, being able to set your whole community on fire if not being carefully.
  • Screamers are perfect for your car front bumper hehe. They can however be easy killed with any gun.
  • Bloaters will be easy to kill as well, but comes with a stinky suprice once killed. Stay away from that cloud. A single shot would trigger its belly to explode.
  • For taking down Plauge Hearts, we advise Fuel bombs x9 and a half mag of ACR from red talon and in case you dont have proper weapons, the use of blades and other explosives would do fine as well. ( Tip, use the pyromatic launcher for a maximum effect )

Friends with benefits

Friends with benefits

It’s not just the dead who are roaming around the wasted American hinterlands in State of Decay 2, but you’ll come across plenty of other NPC human communities struggling to get by in these trying times just like you. Be a good neighbour by helping them out with errands or trading goods for mutual gain, and they might tip you off with information about a nearby stash or, better yet, let you recruit some of their members into your own community.

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Its smart to be friends then making enemies. When they are mad, they could eventually being hostile, starting to shoot their way out of it. If you thought zombies where a big deal in state of decay 2, then you haven’t met these enclaves before.

Ensure a healthy community

50 shades of blood plague

Oboii, one of your followers just got hit by a infected zombie and they are infected with the blood plague. Once you have found yourself the first place to settle, your first mission will be getting blood plague samples for a blood cure. Its needed as there is a lot of infected wandering the death zones. But, the resources are scares and you dont have enough to heal up your character, then there is another option to be considered.

While killing a former ally isn’t exactly the objective of the game itself, but from a purely hard choice that you have to make, are you gonna take the risk and use resources or are you saving yourself a lot of time, effort, and resources if you just spared everyone the hassle and finished them off with a painless shot to the head. You can always recruit another follower from a nearby enclave to replace them as a community member, and better yet, all of that loot they were carrying can now be pried off their bloodied corpse and claimed as your own.

Thick loot, high value items and outpost benefits

High value loot doenst need to be big

A lot of high value items can be found in the game. These items can be sold at enclaves for a thick price. From lady needs such as tampons, till an old whiskey or scotch. Prices depending on item value and rarity. You can see an indicator when the item is a rarity and tradeable for a high value.

These items can mostly be found in houses with a hammer icon. These houses with a hammer icon does also mostly include some good resources such as book manuals, portable mods, and power circuits. But, they also come with 2 awesome beds for survivors to use in your commmunity. Not advised, but if you really need it why not. However, not only houses have a certain benefit. Buildings might also have bigger benefits such as

  • Ammo collection
  • Food collection
  • Fuel collection
  • Meds collection
  • Construction materials collection
  • Attilery airstrike
  • Power systems
  • Water systems

If you would be searching for outposts, these are some of the suggestions that are in the game to be aware of. Choose wisely, you cannot just add unlimited outposts. A level one radio transmitter provides of 2 outpost slots, a lvl 2 radio station provides 3 and a mod can extent this as well till a maximum of 6.