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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | January 19, 2020

Today, our website was under maintenance due to several changes. As you might notice, we have brought back the arcane theme and said goodbye to aardvark. This has several reasons why we made these changes, as it’s for example more related to gaming, but when it comes to editing and serving, it just didn’t feel the way we liked it.

When there are issues with the theme after a recent update, they asked for admin priveledges to “log in” into the theme to see the issue. What they dont know is that I just randomly let everyone on the backend of the theme. Private information is key prior to us.

As of that, we removed the ability to create new accounts. All accounts that are already registered will be removed on the 30th. Having a forum isn’t powerful enough anymore and that’s where Discord comes in.


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