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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | December 12, 2017

All tera players be aware! A extra update is coming to the game and its getting chilly ice cold in the online worlds of Tera.


On December 12th, to coincide with the new update, the event server Manahan will open its doors, offering a hardcore challenge to all TERA players. The server provides access to an experimental playground for five weeks, a space where newcomers to TERA can cut their teeth, and veterans can recover from any potential war fatigue. Players can join Manahan with up to two freshly created characters, who must take on the fight in more challenging dungeons against tougher bosses with reduced basic stats. Even leveling up requires more experience points than usual. On the other hand, once they reach level 65 the progress in terms of improved item XP is faster than ever before.

Gear Up Characters and Bring Them Home


As well as basking in the knowledge that they belong among the ranks of the internet’s most tenacious gamers, players will also receive unique special rewards for unlocking certain server-specific achievements (e.g. being the first player to reach level 65 on Manahan), as well as valuable chests upon reaching level 65. Instances drop far more rewards for players, and guilds can also level up much faster. In terms of PvP gameplay, the lineup of available battlegrounds has been reshuffled and new options added. Different player numbers are now possible, and a variety of never-before-seen settings for the weekly guild war Civil Unrest: Velika. Best of all, characters created on Manahan can also be transferred back to regular servers for free, assuming they have reached level 65, allowing players to enjoy longer term benefits from all the blood and sweat they invest on the event server.

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Two New Dungeons and Tons of Events


Aside from Manahan, the December update adds a rich new content pack for players. The 5-player dungeon Lakan’s Broken Prison returns to both the regular TERA servers and the event server, while an extreme version of the 5-player Dreadspire is also available, including hardcore bosses for players to best. There’s also a magical letter event running, where players can exchange letters they’ve collected for valuable rewards. Between December 19th and January 11th, players on all servers can take part in Wintera’s epic snowball fights, collecting trophies and exchanging them for special wintry costumes, skills or accessories. Plus there are fake Santas for players to hunt down across all corners of TERA between December 21st and January 2nd, and there are Astral Gifts waiting for players on 9 days between December 16th and January 1st for spending time in the game. Finally, players on regular TERA servers can take advantage of extra buffs during each weekend in December.

What is Tera?


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