Get rust with 50% discount – Steam

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | March 24, 2020

Good morning everyone. Today we have some great news for you once again! Get a whopping 50% discount on the game rust! During the corona outbreak, game developers lowering their prices and giving away free exclusive deals. Last week, we even managed to obtain the game “Tomb Raider” wich still can be claimed until the 1st of April so if you haven’t done that before, grab that chance now.

The game rust is not the only one being discounted. Chippy, clatter and Gary’s mod are discounted with over 50%. To make it even better, they combined all the games for another whopping 10% discount! That’s a total of 60% of a slick discount. Check it all out here and if you would be planning to buy it, feel free to come over!



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