GHQ – BO3 Black erosion

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We got another assignment. This time, killing massive hordes on an old place we have been before. They said that the erosion got transformed into a historic location for the older materials that they have used a while ago.

Our Back support is once again from harrybo21, However, the drop of all the perks and buildables are spread across the map. When we need to get out quickly, the blue switch would help us get out. As far we know of, this location is classified but could be exposed when we get those old trophy systems active again. Thankyou natesmithzombies for the buyable ending as well for the credits.

Special shoutout and thank you for ezzocorbi, he ported all mw3 content we used and we are glad for the support he gave us! Together, we stand stronger.

1. Powerswitch can be opened by buying 4 informationboards across the map. ( 6K points total )
2. Pack a punch can be opened by activating the 4 trophy systems that are hidden across the map. ( 10K total )
3. buildable shield
4. Upgradeable shield ( hidden somewhere )
5. Acid gat support for blundergat
6. Buildable sliquifier
7. Buyable thundergun and wunderwaffe
8. 9 perks
9. Timed gameplay
10. buyable ending ( 50K )

Recommend for 4 players ( alone makes it way to easy )