GHQ – BO3 Das basis versteck

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The diary of Sergeant mack

The corvus project was done for. After a big fight with makarov, we finnally could take a min of breath before we already got assigned to a new project. As we already spoke of the corvus project, we needed to exterminate the last labratory that was located on an island nearby.

A quik inside and outside job as we mostly speak. This will be easy for us as most of the enemy is already being taken out. Makarov and the corvus virus? That would be a whole new world war three upcoming, not against soldiers.. but flesh eating maggots who are dumb enough for beliving in the ”cure” and toke it after the fake news came out about the nuke that was dropped. Those evil plans are not going to be completed now makarov is dead.

We have been tolt that there are enough guns on the location that we can use. We heard that our sergeant harrybo21 made this possbile for us. Also we have the confirmation that the beers ( perks ) are also from harrybo21 as well for the awesome gadgets we can create. Such a shame those bloody zombies toke the parts and lay them across the map.

When we are done fighting, we can escape thought the emergency exit in the garagebox on the top floor. Thanks to natesmithzombies, we can escape when the eat is getting to high. But, his price is expensive so we need to be prepaired to collect as much cash as possible.

Those zombies are crawling everywhere. Its a side effect of the corvus virus in combination with healty people who doenst have the cure inside them. Natesmithzombies reduced it, but it doenst have much effects. ( jumping zombies, climbing zombies and jumping down traversals prefabs )

— short info —

Welcome to our second map called Das Basis Versteck. This map is recreated from the mw2 map source terminal and is revamped into a ”lost labratory” feeling. This map is created within 2 months so please dont expect the best of it.

The map is big, it has a lot of addons and ill explain them all here.

content from ( harrybo21 )
– Perks ( max 9 perks )
– Soulchests
– Buildable Sliquifer
– Buildable Dragon Shield
– Buildable upgrade for blundergat
– Buildable staffs ( all 4 )
– Guns, Gersch, lil arnie

buyable end, zombie traversals and credits ( natesmith zombies )

Tutorials followed from ice Grenade

buyable end is 50K