GTA online was offline for other reasons – Night Clubs DLC

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author image by Noize | 0 Comments | May 27, 2018

As The days was taking ages while GTA5 was offline due a maintenance. As many community and website’s are suggesting that this was the case due a major DDOS attack on the amazon servers, they had it all wrong.

GTA5 was taken offline due several reasons. These reasons will be all explained under here. Always keep in mind that these suggestions and things we telling here are ”possible” options as well for trusted and leaked information that we can talk about. As all ”suggestions” are just ”suggestions” doenst mean that we will lie about updates or anything else. We see what we see, we hear what we hear and we write, we write with pride.


The first suggestion, that the GTA servers where DDOSSED after a massive leak in one of their servers. This is not true. Servers did not got attacked or leak. This is not the case. Its prework for the next upcoming DLC. Wait? holdon? a DLC? on GTA5? are you nuts?

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Well, no. As people suggested that GTA6 will be back in vice city, this upcoming DLC for gta5 seems just to be some kind of teaser. Well, you might even see it in game. Several roads changed a bit as well for several buildings that are replaced with new houses.. Nightclubs! Lets shake that ass bitchez, lemmi see what ya got! This DLC should be coming in october this year! So be prepared and collect a good amount of cash for it!


Lucky us, we even have several patch notes about this ”outage”. Seems they tweaked some income as well for a massive client fix. Those black colored letters ain’t not for the show after all. The only thing i see on a bad side is the major loading time before you can actually play. But, that’s what you get when you land into a whole world of shooting people. Also, more gang locations are coming. More information on that will be listed next week!


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