GXT 845 Tural Gaming Combo – The Review

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GXT 845 Tural Gaming Combo – The Review

When it comes to keyboards and mouses, we destroying them even without knowing it every day a little bit more. Typing like a mad person once you got killed or trying to aim for the winning prize. One thing everyone needs, a good set of keyboard and mouse.

The GXT 845 Tural Gaming combo is a package that contains 2 awesome pieces for your desktop. A Gaming keyboard as well for a gaming mouse. The keyboard and mouse are a gift from God in my opinion. The keys on the keyboard are so nicely done, you can really typ fast without too many typo’s then on a normal flat keyboard.

It doenst have many shortcuts as the sharkoon for example, but this keyboard is defiantly going to help in order for you to get the first place in any shooter game or racing game. The keys react fast and you get used to it very fast from the old keyboard you yoinked outside the door. You will feel it within 15 min that you are able to play even better than before.

Some of the key features it has made gaming even more fun. A nice full-sized layout with almost everything been used. A nice finishing touch of actual metal instead of the crappy plastic. With some awesome color LEDs, you can give your keyboard a nice new touch.

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Key features

  • Full-size layout
  • 3 color LED illumination with adjustable brightness
  • Anti-Ghosting: up to 8 simultaneous key pressings
  • 12 direct access media keys
  • Game mode switch; directly disable Windows key
  • Speed select button (1000-3200 DPI)
  • 6 responsive buttons
  • 7 color breathing illumination

Precision is key

The Tural gaming keyboard will complete your gaming set-up with vivid colors with its three-color LED illumination, adjustable in brightness as I already explained above here. The keyboard has a full-size layout meaning that it is optimally designed for fast key entry. Its anti-ghosting technology ensures that you can game fast and accurately: you will remain in control even when you press up to 8 keys simultaneously. However, for me its more as its almost touching the CRTL while actually want to press the escape button.

When it comes to the game: call of duty, we can clearly feel that we have to adjust our mouse a bit. The battle was endless and we won! The keyboard is slim, perfect for travel use and when it comes to MMORPG gameplay, we can actually do something more than just standing there and being hit like we are some kind of plushies with a squeaky toy. We love the keyboard and we will be using them.


The big question everyone is asking, should we buy it? Well, for the 30 euro you pay, you can do it. We really love it and we surely will be knowing that you will be loving it as well. We dont have many bad points towards it besides the ESC button is a bit too far away to be reached in one go while sprinting for example.


Compatible Consoles PS4, Xbox One
Compatible Device Types pc, laptop, gaming console
Compatible Software Platforms Chrome OS, Mac OS, Windows


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