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The HQWikia is our platform for facts, tutorials, explanations and everything else that’s bothering you in-game will be found back here. Tips, ideas or even complete scripts can be found back here in the Wikia. Just check the left side menu on what game you have your questions about. When do you unlock a weapon in BF4 or how to add zombies in a certain map.

All these content is contributed and sent in by the community.  For any submission, please contact us through our contact form.

What will we find here?

We want to create a huge Database of questlines, tutorials on how to unlock a gun, item or other questline. We Especially searching for the older games as most communities lost their content or died due to the lack of active players. However, people are always searching for these kinds of content. That’s why GamingHQ wants to save this information for the world wide web.

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The content you will find in our Wikia is as following

  • Modding tutorials
  • Unlocks
  • Questlines
  • Walkthroughs

More coming soon!

So i can contribute?

That’s correct. If you have created your own tutorials, scripts, mods, prefabs or anything related that can be perfect in the Wikia can be sent up to the community. However, please make sure that

  • If you send in video content from youtube, please make sure that it’s your content and not that from another. We would also love if there could be a link added to the added tutorial page you have sent to us. These videos may however not be ”sponsored” or ”advertised” with gambling sites such as flip coin or CS:GO skins.
  • All information must be written in English.
  • Adding zip files with prefabs is not allowed. Instead of that, refer your content to the UGX mods website if your content is related to World at war zombies, Black ops one or Black ops 3 zombies. All other prefabs should be hosted on Gamebanana.com