Adding more loot drop tables

When you have as a serveradmin the workshop mod “Airdrop Advanced” active, you might wonder why you are only keep getting basic loot. This is because there is only several loot tables preset of items that are already been in the game from the start. Think of those lovely green tents that’s lurking on the ground. Who knows, would you take the chances to obtain that loot or will there be a sneeky bastert waiting you up with a sniper from the tower across the street? noone knows.

Adding loot tables to the server provides extra possible loot drops for your players is easy and can be done with just a few simple clicks. For example, i made a few that i use for myself but you can go wild on your own idea’s if you desire. We all know, cars cant fly.. but can they be dropped.. that’s another story. As long its items being able to lay on the ground, you can use it in the loot drop table.

Make sure you have a perfect coding program for this. Any mistakes made can be rewriten, but a whole cluster of issues is timeless. For me, i’m using Visual Studio Code.

Code example on how to add it between your JSON settings file

Simple Video Explain