GTA5 – Single player easy money

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Offline money making guide

Robbing Any Store ( robbing grocery stores can be done online as well ) 

This will let you rob any store whatsoever that is open for business, Learn how its done and grab the additional cash the right way!

Walk into the store that you have targeted to rob, walk far enough so that the door closes behind you. Then begin to walk out but stop half way so that your character is keep the door open with it swung outside (the door must be swung outside, not inside). This will allow you to gear up a weapon! Point it at the store clerk and you should then be able to walk back into the store with it drawn and rob the joint.

If you shoot the registers they should open up and money bags will appear.

Save Sonny’s Daughter – $60K

REEEEEEEEEEE, Help me! Some weird guys trying to kill me! This explains how to do a “random encounter” in which you’ll receivea whopping $60,000.

  1. Head to the northern part of Paleto Bay and you should find a random encounter where two guys were getting ready to kill a girl (the girl is actually mob boss “Sonny’s” daughter).
  2. Kill the guys and take the girl to where she wants to go (Vinewood).
  3. Then later you’ll get a call from her and $60,000 wired to your account.
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As you will read in the separate stock market guide linked above, Assassinations are missions given by Lester that let you affect the stock market, thus making signficantly greater profits than with just about any other activity.

To get the most out of assassinations, it is advisable to complete these missions after you finish the main storyline and use the income from The Big Score to buy up as much stock as you can, then selling it all after the assassination is complete to make a ton of money. The Hotel Assassination is the only one of these required to progress in the story, so for maximum profits you ought to skip all the others until you finished the main storyline.

Track Loot And Collectibles With Chop

If you take Chop, Franklin’s dog which he gets from Lamar, on walks, he will sniff out loot and other collectibles like spaceship parts and the like. Using him to detect these items can make searching a whole lot easier.

Bust The Marijuana Farm

If you grab a car and travel down towards a small dead-end path on the eastern face of Mount Chiliad, you’ll happen to find a small drug storehouse where some crooks are growing some tasty weed. If you take out all the armed guards in a short shootout, you can loot the building for instant cash rewards of varying amounts that can raise up towards 100K. The best thing is, it respawns after certain times. Make sure to come back time to time to grab that extra cash!

Get A Business Tip

Another random encounter can help you win big. When driving around in Chumash, you’ll eventually see a crashed car on the side of the road and a distressed businessman. The man is an executive with an important business trip and he really doesn’t want to miss his flight. If you get him to LSIA within the time limit, he’ll give you a stock market tip regarding what is a good investment.

Succeeding in the mission will trigger a market change with the Tinkle stock that only happens if you actually complete this encounter, and his tip reflects this. Invest with all three protagonists then sell high.