The power of Building Privileges

If the online player has Building Privilege in a certain area, other players will be Building Blocked. Once, players used to be unable to build anything; now the twig stage and ladders can be placed even when Building Blocked, but upgrading still requires privilege. A Tool Cupboard can be set to allow privilege on a player and their allies so that’s a must-have. It costs 1000 Wood for creating such tool cupboard.

Placing those awesome Structures

To start building, search for a nice area to settle, you would like to build up without being spotted. To place a structure, a Building Plan must be crafted. This Building plan costs 50 wood and takes around 30 seconds to be created. When the Building Plan is crafted, place it in the hot bar and select it. By default, the foundation object is selected, and you will see a “glow effect” of it as you look around.

To select other building objects, hold the right mouse button, move your mouse in a circle to the object you want, and left click. You will see that the glow effect changed a bit and shows you the one you chose. To begin building, choose either a foundation or a triangular foundation, look at an area suitable for a house, and left click. This will create a Twig tier foundation. To place walls, select them and aim at the edge of a foundation. Floors must be placed at the top edge of a wall, and doors must be placed inside door frames. Be careful, because as you build up, you have to keep track of the building’s stability. If too many floors are built too far away from a wall, it will collapse.

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Upgrading those awesome Structures

To upgrade the structure, you will need a Hammer. Equip the Hammer, face the structure that you want to upgrade (it will be highlighted), and hold right click. This will give you the available options that the structure can be upgraded to. You will need the necessary materials in your inventory to upgrade any structure.

Like upgrading structures, one needs a Hammer to repair building objects, as well as the necessary resources and tool cupboard access. Simply look at the object (it will be highlighted in green) and left click. The hammer will then swing at the object, and repair damage at the cost of corresponding resources. It may take quite a few swings to repair moderate or severe damage. The amount of resources is not much, mostly between the amount of 3 and 25, depending on resource and object or wall.